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CCTV allows for total visual monitoring and protection of your people and property. With CCTV, productivity is increased by reducing the need for security personnel. Management can pinpoint critical security issues without watching hours of irrelevant video surveillance.

Haig's CCTV offering includes:
  • The highest quality video products combined with exceptional customer service.
  • Customized systems for remote viewing, recording, documentation, evidence, identification, and retrieval and storage.
  • Ability to manage security operations on-site or from remote locations.
  • Full service and maintenance capabilities.
  • Central station monitoring, 24/7.
  • Ability to view CCTV data via ServiceMyWay dashboard.
In addition, Haig Service can integrate unique CCTV technology into any new or existing system.

Contact an Haig Service Advisor to discuss your CCTV needs.

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